Leeds Canvas A city wide collaboration

Stretching the Canvas

In our Education and Outreach programme we explored both the themes of Canvas 2012 and how we use the arts to explore our sense of place, place as a canvas.


Three Leeds based organisations worked with Canvas partners to realise projects each side of the main event in May.

Leeds Young Authors, writers from West Yorkshire Playhouse’s First Floor and the Phoenix Dance Young Dancers company, worked with poets Simon Murray and Andy Brooks, movement director David Hamilton and dancer Tanya Richam-Odoi to create Raw Flow, a flash mob in the city centre on April 28th, also involving community choirs led by Paulette Morris.  The event was conceived and directed by Khadijah Ibrahim with help from Ruth Hannant from First Floor and Charis Charles from Phoenix.  You can see a short film from the time we couldn’t let on what we were doing, here.


Space 2 worked with Yorkshire Dance and community groups from Seacroft and Gipton to explore the flow of people and water, with The Long Way Home Arts Trail along the Wykebeck Valley on Sunday May 13th.  The project involved artists Claire Irving, Cleve Freckleton, Danielle Byars, Kevin Hickson, Stella Litras and Tony Stephenson, helped by Emma Goodway, Emma Tregiddon, Emma Goodway and Sally Nutman from Space2 and Kate Ferris-Neely from Yorkshire Dance.  You can see a short film about the preparations here.


Pyramid of Arts made structures out of materials which degraded over time as part of the Leeds Waterfront Festival over two days in June at Thwaites Mill.  Visitors were invited to plant seeds round the base of the Hand of Time and join Curly Crocomouth the Time Hunter in his search round the mill grounds.



image of and of time


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