Abstract art – part 1

Abstract art – part 1

Abstract art – part 1

Abstract Expressionism – Geometric Abstraction

By abstract art we refer to a modern movement in the visual arts under which precluded any reference to external physical reality. Alternatively, we can define as the non-representational abstract and non-objective art.

In the early 20th century the term was used primarily to refer to works of Cubism and Futurism, which attempted to describe reality, but not by imitation or faithful representation of the external characteristics but with an unconventional and abstract way through the unchanged inherent properties.

Historically, an important role in the formation of an abstract concept about the artistic work, considered to be played by the development of photography, and has to some extent redundant replicas of the objects in the other visual arts.


Contemporary artists such as Wassily Kandinsky argued that unlike modern science, which reveals the material world and its structure, the role of art should be to enhance its spiritual character. Kandinsky is considered one of the fathers of abstract art and influential among the later movement of Abstract Expressionism in the 1950’s.

The French painter Maurice Denis (1870-1943), inspired by the example of Impressionism and Post Impressionism, wrote in 1890 his famous definition of what a painting is: “Remember that a painting before it becomes a warhorse, a naked woman, an episode is essentially a flat surface covered with colors placed in a certain order. “This definition fits well in abstract art, is prophetic for it, we would say, because while it degrades the role of representation, it gives primary importance to the principles upon which the abstract art works.

The rejection of the ancient way of expression by using the image of things and other elements and the application of another method based mainly on the expressiveness of colors, shapes, lines, without reference to the visible, …

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